Key to Freedom Topshop

Key To Freedom at Topshop


I can’t believe I have only just seen this beautiful collection from Key To Freedom for Topshop.  These stunning silk pyjama sets not only look and feel amazing they also do amazing things for the people who’ve made them.

The Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF) works across West Bengal, India, helping young women and girls who have been victims of domestic abuse, and often been trafficked into the sex trade.  The girls are given homes, cared for and are taught valuable skills.  After The Duke Of York visited India as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and visiting again on a private visit with Sarah, Duchess of York and Princess Eugenie they met with the girls and developed their ideas to get Key To Freedom up and running.   Key To Freedom was set up to support the WIF and to help turn the vulnerable women into self-reliant, empowered women with bright futures ahead of them.

The girls are taught a variety of skills from sewing and tailoring to dyeing and hand block printing, and given their own bank accounts where their wages are deposited, allowing them to be the sole owners of their money and giving them the freedom to spend it how they wish.  Working with designer, Penny McIvor and Topshop they all work together to advise and collaborate with the girls, developing their skills further.   The garments are then sold via Topshop, who amazingly take no profit from the sale, and the profits are passed on to The Prince Andrew Charitable Trust (who still manages Key To Freedom), the funds are then put back into WIF who use the money to rescue more girls and build more homes.

Slip Key to Freedom Topshop

Silk Slip | Photo: Topshop

Key to Freedom Topshop

Silk Cami | Photo: Topshop

Key to Freedom Topshop

Silk Pyjama Bottoms | Photo: Topshop

Silk Kimono Dressing gown Key to Freedom Topshop

Kimono Dressing gown | Photo: Topshop


I really want all of these garments but unfortunately for us (which is great news for Key To Freedom and WIF) they are selling fast, and I think the Kimono Dressing Gown may already have sold out. *GASP*  If you want to snap up one of these gorgeous garments and help support the ladies who made them (they’ve signed each piece so you can see who made your pjs) head over to the Topshop site here.

I’m really impressed with Topshop for being a part of this, and I was shocked to read that they take no profit for the garments.  The WIF and Key to Freedom are amazing causes, sex trafficking is a form of modern day slavery and it’s something we need to put an end to.  Fashion is a powerful device and I hope the girls working with Key To Freedom can create more stunning pieces so we can help them become stronger women.  I know Topshop and other retailers have a long way to go before they can call themselves ethical retailers but I am sure change is in the air.  I hope other high street stores take a leaf from Topshop’s book and become a vessel of change for women around the world.   Kudos, Topshop, for a step in the right direction.


{This post was written whilst eating Pain Au Chocolat that look like sloths (Told you!)}

Dream summer wardrobe moodboard

Dream Summer Wardrobe

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“The sun has got his hat on, he’s coming out to play…”

I am loving this sunshine despite the fact it’s still actually quite chilly in the shade and I haven’t yet ventured out without my coat.  Even so this beautiful weather is making me crave hot summer days and long summer evenings on the beach.  As I’m not yet brave enough to get my legs out I have created a little moodboard of dream items to add to my summer wardrobe.

Ethical Summer Wardrobe

I am rather desperate for a pair of sandals and TOMS have got a really beautiful range of sandals this year.  As a company they have come a long way from their roots whilst still staying true to their ethos, for each pair of shoes bought they give a pair to child in need. I love this company for a million reasons and I cannot wait to get my hands feet on a pair of the sandals.

I can’t go wrong with a good skirt and People Tree have some really pretty patterns (they’ve teamed up with Orla Kiely, enough said!) and colours, I will definitely be getting some of these over the next few months!  I know I have mentioned Reformation in quite a few posts over the last few weeks, for which I am sorry (not sorry, I am borderline obsessed with the this company), but they really do have the best selection of dresses I have seen from an ethically minded company.  Although they are a little out of my price range I will continue to stare, and drool, over their delightful range of beautifulness (hey, it’s a “Dream Summer Wardrobe” right?)

I am a real sucker for a floral pattern and a kimono style top (I’m even wearing one now – seriously) they are just perfect for covering up a little when it’s hot without overheating. They also make a pair of skinnies look a little bit more interesting without having to try to too hard (something I live by!).  This Annie Greenabelle kimono is quite possibly one of the most perfect things I have ever clapped eyes on, and I have a feeling I will be wearing it before the month’s out.  The floral sleeveless shirt is by Komodo, an ethical brand I have just stumbled upon. I really love the colours and patterns in this shirt, if their future ranges continue in this theme they will have a very loyal customer in me!
Finally, the beautiful Breton striped top.  As you may know I get weak at the knees at the sight of a classic Breton, and this contrast yoke top from Seasalt sent me into 60s/French Riviera stupor. The ‘saffron’ coloured yolk screams summer, but with it being a cotton knit it’s perfect for Spring or a slightly cooler summer afternoon. I love this top more than words can say and I hope to find it folded neatly in my chest of drawers in the coming weeks!

After all that I am sufficiently summery and desperate to chase the ice cream man down the street.  How are your summer wardrobes shaping up?   What are your favourite  pieces for the season?

{This post was written whilst listening to Francoise Hardy and eating a very juicy mango}

Winter Wardrobe WishList

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Winter wish list

Okay, so I may have a few things on this already (the bag is currently in the post hurtling it’s way towards my apartment, and the hat was an anniversary present from the chap), the Topshop shirt is also in the pipe line, by that I mean I have it sitting in my online shopping basket waiting for me to click ‘CHECKOUT’.

I really love the tube skirt look, I love the versatility of it and how such a simple skirt can be worn in so many different ways. Dress it up with a shirt and heels for a smart occasion, or wear with a slouchy tee or jumper for a relaxed day look.  I’ve been looking for a midi skirt for a while but could never find the right one, but I quite like the look of this Topshop chevron patterned one and am super tempted…  I am a little hippy though, so I’m not sure what it’ll look like, but I think I might just give it a go anyway!

The ankle boots I’ve had my eye on for a while.  They’re from DUO, a shoe store that specializes in different fittings.  They do 21 different calf fittings in their tall boots, and 3 different foot widths in all their shoes and ankle boots.  Made of high quality, Italian leather it’s such a nice treat to get quality shoes and boots that fit you perfectly, finally a company that realises that us gals are all shaped a little differently!!!  I have fairly narrow feet and always find shoes an issue but these ankle boots are a perfect fit! The grey suede is super soft and the block heel means that even I can walk them, I’m not sure I can resist them much longer, I’m talking my self into them just writing this.

I’ve also got really into lipstick in the last few months and am trying to make myself buy more so I have a wider range to choose from in the morning.  I’m yet to try a MAC lippy but I only here good things so I think that may be my next purchase.  Any suggestions?

I really should stop writing before I talk myself into buying every item on this wishlist.

Too late, I just bought the skirt and top…

Ankle swingers


The term ‘ankle swingers’ has been uttered many times in mockery at peoples’ too short trousers, but now the cropped trouser is taking over and ankle swingers have undergone a fashionable reinvention. On the off chance I find a pair of trousers to fit (child bearing hips and a relatively small waist are not ingredients for easy trouser shopping – disclaimer: I don’t own a single pair of jeans… *tears up*) as a person in need of a 34″ leg, something that isn’t always easy to find, I often plump for a 32″ and actually quite enjoy the little bit of ankle on show.

I have been coveting the cigarette trend for a while now but only recently plucked up the courage to go trouser shopping (it’s a serious issue!). Zara had an amazing range of trousers, and although I do still get the whole tight on the thigh, could-fit-three-of-me-in-the-waist thing going on because they sit slightly higher on the waist they fit better than most trousers I’ve tried. I’m currently teaching myself to sew so I think I might attempt to take them in a bit (I’m sure I’ll post about how successful unsuccessful that endeavour will be!)

Zara floral print trousers

Zara – floral print trousers

I love these so much. I wear them with a simple black tee and they make even the easiest outfit feel just a little bit chic. Words can’t express how much I love them. I did run out at the next opportunity and bought another pair of cropped cigarette pants from Topshop, so maybe actions speak louder than words. They’re not the sort of thing I would normally go for but I had been admiring them from a far, along with the matching jacket which I am yet to pluck up the courage to purchase – I love a good twin set, and decided to go for it. Best decision yet! I love these just as much, and they actually fit a little better around the waist. I’ve taken to wearing these with a plain tee and soft jumper, and I feel like I’m prancing about in my pyjamas, which is a winner in my book!

Topshop Floral jacquard trousers

Topshop -Floral Jacquard Cigarette Trousers

Topshop Pants

Topshop – Floral Jacquard Cigarette Trousers, Clarks – Hotel Chic Slippers

I have been completely bowled over by this trend, and think my next pair may have to be in tartan! Have you taken on the cigarette trend? I’d love to hear see some of your favourites…

If the shoe fits…

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As my nearest and dearest know I am a bit of shoe hoarder, and I have treated myself to some absolute beauties over the last few months.

Although I am self confessed lover of flats (my incredible ability to trip over whilst standing still is increased 10 fold at the mere thought of anything with a slight heel!) the occasional heel does make it into the shoe family.  A trend that I’m loving at the moment is the reintroduction of the block heel.  Popularised in the 70s the block heel is officially back with force, and is the ideal heel for those of us with stability issues!!

It was a dear friend of mine who pointed out Topshop’s Mini Block Heel T-Bar Shoes and I fell in love with them at first sight, those cut out hearts really won me over.  They’re so easy to wear and look cute with socks and cigarette pants, or with tights and tea dress, and the rubber sole ensures comfort all day long.

TOPSHOP -Mini block heel T-bar shoes

TOPSHOP -Mini block heel T-bar shoes

Having been sold on the idea, and comfort, of a block heel I confess I have gone a little block heel crazy and am always scouring the web, and peoples feet, for the perfect pair. I stumbled across a beautiful gold heeled pair on a routine visit to Marks and Spencer with my mum.  I have quite narrow feet and often find shoes don’t fit that wonderfully, but these M&S beauties fit like a glove.  They’re a pretty narrow fit and come in half size, perfect!  I always get compliments on these beauties and after wearing these to work the other week my colleague ran out and bought herself a pair!!

m and s shoes

Marks and Spencer – Limited Edition Ankle Strap Block Mid Heel Court Shoes

Aside from the block heel I have also been on the hunt for the perfect pair of slippers. The Stubbs & Wootton personalised monogram pair I have my eyes on, which would set me back a cool $900, are remaining on the wishlist until I somehow come into a whole lot of money.  While I’m waiting for that fictional windfall to occur I popped into Clarks having heard that they have really upped their fashion game over the last few seasons.   BINGO, sitting on the shelf, shouting my name were the perfect pair of slippers.  Black suede at the back, pony skin in the middle and patent leather toe caps, these slippers look and feel amazing.  Just like the M&S ones they come in half sizes, but were fairly generous and I ended up going for a six and a half, a size my feet haven’t seen for a long time!

Clarks - Hotel Chic

Clarks – Hotel Chic

So here’s a little insight into the depths of my new shoe collection. I have lots more on the my wishlist but I think I should probably save that for another post…

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Dream outfits for dream travels

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It has been a dream of the chap and mine to hire an old open top classic American car and drive all around the USA stopping at all the quirky roadside attractions. Although it may seem like a far off dream after the cold and grey of London today I sat down a started to roughly plan the first part of our journey; Califonia. From giant shoes, 40ft roadside statues, an office shaped like a bulldozer and a PEZ museum we are set to have a very busy time in California. But no dream journey would be complete without a couple of dream outfits…

Dream outfits for dream travels

I cannot wait for the time to come when we’re on the open road, with a bag full of dresses and sandals, my camera, and the chap. Roll on dream road trip…

Dream outfits for dream journeys