Falmouth dreaming

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It’s been almost a month since I decided to leave London and accept a job back in Cornwall. It’s had its ups and downs but yesterday was one of those days that confirms moving back to the homeland was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long while.

Yesterday was the last day of the Pendennis Cup, a four day yacht race that takes place around Falmouth Bay and culminates in an amazing Red Arrows display. We decided to take a trip up to Pendennis Castle to have a walk around the castle, watch the sailing from the top of the cliff and lie on the grass and watch the Red Arrows fly overhead.

Red Arrows over Pendennis Castle | Photo: Laura Peta

Red Arrows over Pendennis Castle | Photo: Laura Peta

Falmouth Hardbour | Photo: Laura Peta

Falmouth Hardbour | Photo: Laura Peta

Although the day started off a little cloudy we were treated to some beautiful clear skies, which led to some amazing sunset views.

Yachts in the bay | Photo: Laura Peta

Yachts in the bay | Photo: Laura Peta

Sun setting over Gyllingvase | Photo: Laura Peta

Sun setting over Gyllingvase | Photo: Laura Peta

Cracking sunset | Photo: Laura Peta

Cracking sunset | Photo: Laura Peta

I’m an absolute sucker for a gift shop, and the English Heritage gift shop at Pendennis Castle was no different. I bought the most beautiful blanket (that I’m currently huddled under now despite the warmth of the day) that is made from recycled wool. Wool that has been respun into an environmentally friendly throw perfect for cool evenings, or hot summer picnics. Cool, huh?

Recycled Wool blanket from English Heritage | Photo: Laura Peta

Recycled Wool blanket from English Heritage | Photo: Laura Peta

So although I’ve had to make some big decisions and move a lot of miles, it was definitely worth it.

{This post was written whilst watching How I Met Your Mother and eating Gluten Free Chocolate biscuits}

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An Interview With… Alice Weston

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I have been a big fan of Alice Weston for a little while now. A talented singer/songwriter from South West England who also knows her way around a camera.  She has an ear for soulful, folk like melodies and an eye for natural portraiture.  After listening to her whilst writing one of my previous posts I knew I had to try and interview her.  Whether it’s listening to her sing or looking through her portfolio each note and image fills me with joy and I really wanted to share her talents with you.

Alice Weston Music

Alice Weston | Photo: Alice Weston

Click here to hear Alice Weston’s Oxygen (Listen and read, it’s a perfect accompaniment!)


Hi Alice, to start why don’t you tell us a little something about yourself…
Hello. My name is Alice and I am 20 years old from a small town in the South West [of England]. I’m a horse, music, photography and peanut butter fanatic.

What made you decide to start the blog?
I actually originally had the idea for a YouTube channel (aliceonhertravels) and my intentions were to vlog my travels. This will still be going ahead at some point but due to timings and life I decided that I needed to have this little trip (to France) for myself and to rather than have the pressures of uploading everyday keep a blog. When I started my blog, ideas have expanded and there are some exciting things coming soon.

Your blog is entitled Alice On Her Travels, can we expect more travelling from you? Where’s next?
I am currently in a stage of complete ambivalence and I can’t quite decide where to go next. There’s so much choice but there are definitely some places on the cards. I am currently working, saving and planning.

You recently moved to France for six weeks to learn French, what made you decide to go?
I’d always wanted to travel but I’d had a lot of anxieties about leaving home for the first time. Admittedly, just before I left I was going through a horrendous stage of anxiety which was set off by something very silly but during this time I had a realisation that I couldn’t let this stupid thing rule my life. Nor could I keep going in the direction I was, so, within a week I’d organised my six week adventure and it was literally the best decision that I have made in my life. One of my favourite quotes is that: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear” and this is completely true.

How are your French skills now? Can you say something to us?
My French is…better. Tu es tres mignon. Pamplemousse. Je ne parle pas beaucoup Francais mais j’aime bien Montpellier! I’ve probably even got that wrong, as for Pamplemousse, probably the cutest sounding word in the world!

You’re a singer, songwriter and photographer, where do you get your creative inspiration from?
Music has always been a brilliant outlet for me through the good and the bad and the trials of growing up and being a teenager. If I ever need to vent or something has happened there is sure to be a song about it. I’ve never really been very good at writing but lyrically I can write for days.

As for photography, I just find people really intriguing. To me imperfections are what make people really beautiful which is why I am not a big fan of photoshop. I think all these little quirks and charms are just really incredible. I also love the fact that you can sort of capture a person in one photo and you can get so much across from a simple photograph. lt amazes me that these people can’t see their beauty which really inspires me to try and help them see what I see and so many others do. The people I have met are my inspiration without a doubt and with their support my photography has really grown in the past few months.

How long have you been writing your own songs? Did you teach yourself to play guitar?
I’ve been writing my own songs for as long as I can remember, even before I could play an instrument.  And yes, I taught myself guitar — still very much learning and I’ve recently just started teaching myself piano.

Who are your favourite artists?
Favourite artists…my music taste is pretty broad but these are a favourite few: London Grammar, The Lumineers, Birdy, Matt Corby, BOY, Matthew and the atlas…I have many!

I really love your photography.  You mostly shoot equine and portrait photography, are you inspired by anyone in particular?
As for inspiration for photography there are a few Bryant Eslava, Nessa K, Jack Toohey, Sam Hurd and also a photographer called Emily Hancock.  Also Emilie Layla Lovaine, she’s really inspired me through photography and blogging.

Do you have a favourite camera / editing software you like to use?
Canon 60D I have a few different lenses but I mostly shoot on my 50mm for portraits and if I’m doing certain shoots my other favourite is the 55-250mm. I actually only really use VSCO which I just really love.

What can we expect from Alice On Her Travels in the upcoming months?
I’ve got lots of ideas floating around and it’s just dependent on how much I can save in the summer months. There’s a lot of talk of travel destinations currently it’s just picking one that is the issue. Though I will be blogging about music festivals as I’ve been lucky enough to get press and photography passes which is something I am really ecstatic about! But who knows…just watch this space…


Max | Photo: Alice Weston

Max | Photo: Alice Weston

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Kate | Photo: Alice Weston

Ming Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Ming | Photo: Alice Weston

This is the first interview I have done for this blog, hopefully the first of many.  What do you think?
If you want to see more of Alice Weston head over to her VSCO portfolio or listen to her gorgeous voice at soundcloud.com/alicewestonmusic.

{This post was written whilst listening to Alice Weston (obviously) and shockingly not eating anything!}

6 Months on 35mm


I finally got round to finishing off a roll of film that had been in my camera so long I couldn’t remember what was on it! Terrible, I know, but it did make getting them developed a little more exciting. What I found brought a huge smile to my face. There were pictures on there from our glorious summer, we were lucky enough to get tickets to Hyde Park Calling to see Elvis Costello and Ray Davies, it was an amazing summers day. The highlight being Ray Davies (Of The Kinks fame) singing ‘Waterloo Sunset’ as the sun set on Hyde Park.  I honestly felt like I was in a Sofia Coppola movie!

There were also a few pictures of a girly trip to Bath where I met with a few of the girls I went to uni with, although it was bitterly cold and rained all day so the pictures were few and far between!! The last few photos on the roll where a few I took over Christmas. The family and I took a day out to Padstow for some Rick Stein food (YUM! I urge you all to go to one of his restaurants if you ever find yourselves in Padstow) so I took the camera to finish the roll off. We went for a little coastal walk in between rain showers and managed to get a few snaps looking over to Rock while the sun started to set.

The next roll is already loaded and this time I won’t leave it quite so long to finish it!!

I shoot on a Canon AE-1 and used expired 35mm film.

Hyde Park Calling, 2013 : Photo - Laura Peta

Hyde Park Calling, 2013 : Photo – Laura Peta

Hyde Park Calling, 2013 : Photo - Laura Peta

Hyde Park Calling, 2013 : Photo – Laura Peta

Hyde Park Calling, 2013 : Photo - Laura Peta

Hyde Park Calling, 2013 : Photo – Laura Peta

1 14

Ray Davies - Hyde Park Calling, 2013 : Photo - Laura Peta

Ray Davies – Hyde Park Calling, 2013 : Photo – Laura Peta

'Waterloo sunset' Hyde Park Calling, 2013 : Photo: Laura Peta

‘Waterloo sunset’ Hyde Park Calling, 2013 : Photo: Laura Peta

Elvis Costello, Hyde Park Calling, 2013 : Photo - Laura Peta

Elvis Costello, Hyde Park Calling, 2013 : Photo – Laura Peta

Shoreditch Graffiti : Photo - Laura Peta

Shoreditch Graffiti : Photo – Laura Peta

Afternoon Tea, Bath : Photo - Laura Peta

Afternoon Tea, Bath : Photo – Laura Peta

Carousel, Bath : Photo - Laura Peta

Carousel, Bath : Photo – Laura Peta

Carousel, Bath : Photo - Laura Peta

Carousel, Bath : Photo – Laura Peta


Scrabble : Photo – Laura Peta

From Padstow to Rock : Photo - Laura Peta

From Padstow to Rock : Photo – Laura Peta

Wintery Beach Paths, December 2013 : Photo - Laura Peta

Wintery Beach Paths, December 2013 : Photo – Laura Peta

#100happydays Round Up…


This seems to be a challenge that I’m actually able to keep up with, and I’m truly loving it.


DAY 8: making things. DAY 9: Meeting the chap at the station. DAY 10: New socks. DAY 11: Woody walks. DAY 12: Pub quiz. DAY 13: Porthleven. DAY 14: Cardigan. DAY 15: Pepper in a pepper

DAY 8: My dear friend, Jess, is getting married and it’s all very exciting. Whilst I was back in Cornwall we had a wedding planning session and this was a scrap book I doodled on for her to fill with wedding inspiration.

DAY 9: Whilst I was lucky enough to manage two whole weeks off work to visit my family in Cornwall, the chap didn’t. So this picture is his train pulling into the station after a week apart.

DAY 10: Nothing beats a brand new pair of socks, especially if these socks are from Seasalt. The socks are made with 77% bamboo making them the softest socks ever to have graced my footsies!

DAY 11: Soggy walks around Cardinham Woods. Cardinham Woods is a beautiful wood in North Cornwall, there are walking trails, biking trails, trails along the river and paths for dogs. It’s such a beautiful place, unfortunately it poured with rain while we were there and we got very wet. Luckily for us (although not my waistline) there is the most beautiful little café there too. We sat infront of a big wood burning fire and ate soup with fresh gluten free bread and a gluten free chocolate brownie. It was heaven.

DAY 12: There is a small bar in my home town that we always used to go and so make a point of returning there with everyone when we are back in the motherland. They do a really good pub quiz on a Thursday night, we learnt stuff, we ate chips, had a good old chin wag and a catch up, but most importantly we didn’t come last!!

DAY 13: BUTTONS! I’m not sure what is about them but ever since I was a little girl I’ve had an obsession with pots of buttons!

DAY 14: Porthleven – a gorgeous little village in Cornwall. We went to visit my Aunt and Uncle who live right by the sea (it’s gorgeous!) and on the way back down the hill the sun had started to set and the whole beach was bathed in a beautiful golden sunlight.

DAY 15: My mother is an incredible woman. While I was home she finished knitting me a cardigan. It’s taken two years and it’s absolutely perfect!

DAY 16: I absolutely love it when you cut into a pepper and there’s another pepper growing inside! PEPPER BABIES!

So there we have it, my latest #100happydays round up. Just writing about these pictures again has put a smile on my face. This challenge is definitely worth taking part in, go on, what are you waiting for?!


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can you be happy for 100 days in a row?


I have just signed up for #100happydays an online campaign that aims to help people take a side step from their busy life schedule and enjoy the moment they’re in.  It’s really simple, all you have to do is submit a photo of something that made you happy, everyday for 100 days.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become such a part of our everyday use (a little scary) that they have practically become verbs.  Yet shockingly a huge 71% of the people who took part in this challenge last year didn’t see it through to the end, citing “not enough time” as their main reason.  How often do we use Instagram to share with everyone (no one) that amazing cake from the cafe on the corner, or the cat sleeping in a weird pose, so why not use this platform to help yourself instead.  To share the little things that make you happy, pictures you can in time reflect on and boost your moral when you start feeling a little blue.  

I have signed up to prove to myself that no matter how much life may suck at times, there’s always a little something that will make me smile.  It’s these little moments of happiness that we truly have to focus on and will help each of us realise that we haven’t got it so bad after all!

What are you waiting for? Sign up here and let those happy vibes resonate.

The first issue of Seeker


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Sorry for the radio silence over the last few weeks, I have been busy beavering away on a new project. As an aspiring journalist/photographer I moved to the big smoke (London) to try and catch a break, easier said than done. Being rejected over and over again for unpaid internships due to my lack of experience (I know I know, internships are things you do to get experience right? Not anymore, folks!) and getting more and more disheartened I decided that enough was enough, I was going to single handedly turn this around. So, after a few long discussions with the chap, my parents and my dear friends, SEEKER. was born. A creative arts and lifestyle magazine aimed at anyone who wants to know who or what is up and coming in the arts world. Everything featured is either written by aspiring (and inspiring) journos and feautres a wide range of photographers and artists making their first steps into the art scene. I wanted to create something that not only acts as a platform for young people to get their talent out there, but also as a place of reference for new and emerging talent.

After a few months of emails, late night writing sessions and computer induced headaches, SEEKER: Issue 1 is born. It features some of the most talented young people across the poetry, fashion and art scene as well as some wonderful writers. I would love you all to take a few minutes of your time to have a little look at SEEKER and think of the importance of encouraging the next generation of creatives.

So sit back, click, read, love and share.


The first issue of Seeker

Click to read

Feedback is very gratefully received so comment away, dear readers. Also, if you or anyone you know may fancy contributing / being featured just let me know, I would love to have you.

Photography A Level


It’s been a year since I finished my Photography A Level (I completed it in one year after finishing uni and moving home) and I realised I haven’t shared any of the images with you. I Have a few images that I have re edited some that I used for my Personal Investigation and my favourite image I took for one of my exam pieces about shade.

I have always been heavily influenced by the 1960s and 70s and found myself being more and more drawn to photographers from that era, or modern photographers who are clearly heavily influenced by that time, Alex Prager for example. So with my love of fashion I decided to use my Personal Investigation to look at how 60s & 70s photography have helped shape modern fashion photography. I wrote about how Film Noir gave a dramatic storylike feel to photography, how the camera angles used in the 60s gave freedom to the subject and paed a visual stereoytype for the decade, and how deep and intense colours of film came to define the 70s. For my images I took all the attributes of these two decades and infused them to create a modern fashion editorial with a vintage feel. Below are just a few of my favourite images I used as part of my assignment.

A2 Photography Personal Investigation Images

One of my favourite images from my Personal Investigation

A2 Personal Investigation

 A2 Photography Personal Investigation Images

 A2 Photography Personal Investigation Images

 A2 Photography Personal Investigation Images

I really enjoyed studying for this A Level, and although I was a ‘mature student’ (at 23!) and doing two years simultaneously I don’t think I would have done it any different. I was studying for that A Level because I genuinely wanted to learn more about photography and not because I had to make up enough A Levels for the year. I stuck with it, I worked hard and embraced all the mini assignments I was faced with. It was great to be taught so many more techniques then told to go and be experimental with each assignment. Flicking developer across my prints and shooting an assignment in a pitch black forest is something I wouldn’t have had the chance to had I not gone back to college. On that nostalgic note I’ll leave you with an image I recreated from my A2 exam on Shade…

A2 Photography Exam

I hope you like my photography, if you have any feedback I’d love to hear it.