The Brigitte Dress and the Charity Shop Fabric

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Brigitte Pattern Dress, Fabric TRAID, People Tree necklace

Dress: Handmade (fabric from TRAID)
Bag: {Think} Boutique
Bracelet: People Tree
Necklace: People Tree

I’ve only gone and made myself a dress which is actually 100%, totally wearable! HOORAH!¬†Everything I’ve made up until now has always had something just not quite right about the fit, but this time, THIS TIME, it fits perfectly and I am beyond excited – hence the weird pose below!

Miette Skirt

My Miette


I have finally gotten around to spending my birthday money from my dear grandparents. My gran has been incredibly helpful and supportive of my new found need to sew, letting me test run her old machine, digging out her old patterns and sending off for new ones. My birthday money from my grandparents came with strict instructions, “Don’t spend it on bills or necessities, spend it on fabric and make yourself something nice”.

I have been a follower of Tilly and the Buttons blog since I started sewing. Her ‘Learn to Sew’ section really helped me grasp the basics, so I was thrilled to learn that she has released her own patterns and the Miette skirt is not only incredibly beautiful but also perfect for beginners! HOORAY!
So I finally headed to the local fabric shop (Ray Stitch in Angel) and picked up a nice, plain, turquoise cotton.

The pattern was simple and Tilly’s step by step instructions on her blog made the whole process so much easier. I made a few mistakes (sewing the wrong sides together…oops!) but nothing my handy stitch picker couldn’t solve. I’m so happy with how it turned out, I even wore it to work today!!

Miette Skirt

Even my bunny shoes got in on the action!

Miette Skirt close up

My first ever zigzag stitching – If only I could cut straight the seems would look so much neater!

There will be lots more Miettes on the horizon, I think I may play with the use of binding on the pockets and the hem, or maybe use a contrasting fabric for the waist and tie. No matter which way I adapt them I can safely say by next summer my wardrobe will be full of Miettes!