The Brigitte Dress and the Charity Shop Fabric

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Brigitte Pattern Dress, Fabric TRAID, People Tree necklace

Dress: Handmade (fabric from TRAID)
Bag: {Think} Boutique
Bracelet: People Tree
Necklace: People Tree

I’ve only gone and made myself a dress which is actually 100%, totally wearable! HOORAH! Everything I’ve made up until now has always had something just not quite right about the fit, but this time, THIS TIME, it fits perfectly and I am beyond excited – hence the weird pose below!

Polka dot and floral tie cushion cover

Cushions? I got them covered!


As you may or may not know my wonderful parents bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I have been slowly but surely teaching myself to sew.  After attempting a few basic stitches and practice hems I made myself a skirt which I blogged about here.  Since then I have made a slightly more complex skirt, following a real pattern and have even attempted an invisible zip, although with not much success as I have no zipper foot with my machine (I really need to get myself one asap) and sewed it without.  I need to unpick and finish it up nicely so once I have finished it properly I will share my skirt woes with you.

Since I started sewing in January I have found it to be one of the most relaxing and soothing things possible.  Being a recent graduate, moving to the big city (London) and trying to make a career for myself has been a stressful and money wrangling few months.  But when the stress starts building and I see no way out of this grey, money, career worrisome slump I take to my sewing machine and suddenly life seems so much brighter.  What’s also helping is the BBC 2 show The Great British Sewing Bee, the chap often describes this programme as something taken from a dream of mine.  Hosted by Claudia Winkleman (a real favourite of mine, maybe because we have matching fringes, who knows) the GBSB takes a group of sewists (I always think sewers can easily be misread!) and puts them through their paces to create a whole range of wonderful things.  They also have a little segment to help get the general public sewing again,  one that I put to the test this week was making tie cushion covers.  A relatively quick and easy way to brighten up the living room.  I wrote out my own instructions and the chap and I popped down to the local fabric store to take a look.  He didn’t want anything floral and I didn’t want anything too plain, a slight argument ensued and finally we compromised.  The great thing about these cushions is that there is a lining for them that disguises the cushion itself, so one floral cushion with a polka dot lining for me and one dark, polka dot cushion with a floral lining for him.  He wasn’t overly convinced in the store but once he saw them taking shape he couldn’t wait for me to finish them!


Navy polka dot and floral tie cushion cover collage

Navy polka dot and floral tie cushion cover collage

We’re hopefully moving to a new flat in the next few months and I cannot wait to start making things for the new place.  Sewing has really become something I can’t live without and I’m excited about the new challenges it will bring.