Dream outfits for dream day trips

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Perfect days need a perfect, albeit imaginary, wardrobe. This time TOMs sandals, Monkee Genes, H&M Conscious top and kimono and People Tree jewellery make the ideal outfit for a clifftop stroll and a beach barbecue.

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Dream outfits for dream travels

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It has been a dream of the chap and mine to hire an old open top classic American car and drive all around the USA stopping at all the quirky roadside attractions. Although it may seem like a far off dream after the cold and grey of London today I sat down a started to roughly plan the first part of our journey; Califonia. From giant shoes, 40ft roadside statues, an office shaped like a bulldozer and a PEZ museum we are set to have a very busy time in California. But no dream journey would be complete without a couple of dream outfits…

Dream outfits for dream travels

I cannot wait for the time to come when we’re on the open road, with a bag full of dresses and sandals, my camera, and the chap. Roll on dream road trip…

Dream outfits for dream journeys