Key to Freedom Topshop

Key To Freedom at Topshop


I can’t believe I have only just seen this beautiful collection from Key To Freedom for Topshop.  These stunning silk pyjama sets not only look and feel amazing they also do amazing things for the people who’ve made them.

The Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF) works across West Bengal, India, helping young women and girls who have been victims of domestic abuse, and often been trafficked into the sex trade.  The girls are given homes, cared for and are taught valuable skills.  After The Duke Of York visited India as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and visiting again on a private visit with Sarah, Duchess of York and Princess Eugenie they met with the girls and developed their ideas to get Key To Freedom up and running.   Key To Freedom was set up to support the WIF and to help turn the vulnerable women into self-reliant, empowered women with bright futures ahead of them.

The girls are taught a variety of skills from sewing and tailoring to dyeing and hand block printing, and given their own bank accounts where their wages are deposited, allowing them to be the sole owners of their money and giving them the freedom to spend it how they wish.  Working with designer, Penny McIvor and Topshop they all work together to advise and collaborate with the girls, developing their skills further.   The garments are then sold via Topshop, who amazingly take no profit from the sale, and the profits are passed on to The Prince Andrew Charitable Trust (who still manages Key To Freedom), the funds are then put back into WIF who use the money to rescue more girls and build more homes.

Slip Key to Freedom Topshop

Silk Slip | Photo: Topshop

Key to Freedom Topshop

Silk Cami | Photo: Topshop

Key to Freedom Topshop

Silk Pyjama Bottoms | Photo: Topshop

Silk Kimono Dressing gown Key to Freedom Topshop

Kimono Dressing gown | Photo: Topshop


I really want all of these garments but unfortunately for us (which is great news for Key To Freedom and WIF) they are selling fast, and I think the Kimono Dressing Gown may already have sold out. *GASP*  If you want to snap up one of these gorgeous garments and help support the ladies who made them (they’ve signed each piece so you can see who made your pjs) head over to the Topshop site here.

I’m really impressed with Topshop for being a part of this, and I was shocked to read that they take no profit for the garments.  The WIF and Key to Freedom are amazing causes, sex trafficking is a form of modern day slavery and it’s something we need to put an end to.  Fashion is a powerful device and I hope the girls working with Key To Freedom can create more stunning pieces so we can help them become stronger women.  I know Topshop and other retailers have a long way to go before they can call themselves ethical retailers but I am sure change is in the air.  I hope other high street stores take a leaf from Topshop’s book and become a vessel of change for women around the world.   Kudos, Topshop, for a step in the right direction.


{This post was written whilst eating Pain Au Chocolat that look like sloths (Told you!)}