A summer bucket list


I saw on HelloGiggles recently an article entitled The Single Girl’s Totally Doable Summer Bucket List. It made me smile and inspired me to make the most of my summer.  Every year I build such high expectations for the upcoming summer and every year I’m completely disappointed that I didn’t actually do any of things I set out to do. So, although I may not be single I decided to write my very own ‘Totally Doable Summer Bucket List’ – non-single gals can share in the fun too!

  1. Take sailing lessons
  2. Do more walking on the South West Coast Path
  3. Build a sand castle
  4. Take a lot of photos
  5. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise over the beach
  6. Read Moby Dick
  7. Master some Jimmy Fallon style lip-syncing and be as boss as Emma Stone
  8. Learn the rap from Big
  9. Pack an elaborate picnic in a big wicker hamper and trek to middle of nowhere and enjoy with friends
  10. Get dressed up and dance around the house like Kate Bush
  11. Go to an outdoor theatre performance
  12. Play True American – like in New Girl (Yes, I stole this from the original but this has been on my list of things-to-do-that-I’ll-never-get-around-to-doing for a while now, perhaps this is the little push I need! 1.2.3 JFK )

Have you got fun summer plans?

For those of you unfamiliar with Emma Stone’s epic lip syncing skills I’ll leave you with this, enjoy.

{This post was written whilst watching Friends and eating gluten free biscuits}


Dream outfits for dream day trips

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Perfect days need a perfect, albeit imaginary, wardrobe. This time TOMs sandals, Monkee Genes, H&M Conscious top and kimono and People Tree jewellery make the ideal outfit for a clifftop stroll and a beach barbecue.

Untitled #24


Falmouth dreaming

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It’s been almost a month since I decided to leave London and accept a job back in Cornwall. It’s had its ups and downs but yesterday was one of those days that confirms moving back to the homeland was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long while.

Yesterday was the last day of the Pendennis Cup, a four day yacht race that takes place around Falmouth Bay and culminates in an amazing Red Arrows display. We decided to take a trip up to Pendennis Castle to have a walk around the castle, watch the sailing from the top of the cliff and lie on the grass and watch the Red Arrows fly overhead.

Red Arrows over Pendennis Castle | Photo: Laura Peta

Red Arrows over Pendennis Castle | Photo: Laura Peta

Falmouth Hardbour | Photo: Laura Peta

Falmouth Hardbour | Photo: Laura Peta

Although the day started off a little cloudy we were treated to some beautiful clear skies, which led to some amazing sunset views.

Yachts in the bay | Photo: Laura Peta

Yachts in the bay | Photo: Laura Peta

Sun setting over Gyllingvase | Photo: Laura Peta

Sun setting over Gyllingvase | Photo: Laura Peta

Cracking sunset | Photo: Laura Peta

Cracking sunset | Photo: Laura Peta

I’m an absolute sucker for a gift shop, and the English Heritage gift shop at Pendennis Castle was no different. I bought the most beautiful blanket (that I’m currently huddled under now despite the warmth of the day) that is made from recycled wool. Wool that has been respun into an environmentally friendly throw perfect for cool evenings, or hot summer picnics. Cool, huh?

Recycled Wool blanket from English Heritage | Photo: Laura Peta

Recycled Wool blanket from English Heritage | Photo: Laura Peta

So although I’ve had to make some big decisions and move a lot of miles, it was definitely worth it.

{This post was written whilst watching How I Met Your Mother and eating Gluten Free Chocolate biscuits}

Dream summer wardrobe moodboard

Dream Summer Wardrobe

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“The sun has got his hat on, he’s coming out to play…”

I am loving this sunshine despite the fact it’s still actually quite chilly in the shade and I haven’t yet ventured out without my coat.  Even so this beautiful weather is making me crave hot summer days and long summer evenings on the beach.  As I’m not yet brave enough to get my legs out I have created a little moodboard of dream items to add to my summer wardrobe.

Ethical Summer Wardrobe

I am rather desperate for a pair of sandals and TOMS have got a really beautiful range of sandals this year.  As a company they have come a long way from their roots whilst still staying true to their ethos, for each pair of shoes bought they give a pair to child in need. I love this company for a million reasons and I cannot wait to get my hands feet on a pair of the sandals.

I can’t go wrong with a good skirt and People Tree have some really pretty patterns (they’ve teamed up with Orla Kiely, enough said!) and colours, I will definitely be getting some of these over the next few months!  I know I have mentioned Reformation in quite a few posts over the last few weeks, for which I am sorry (not sorry, I am borderline obsessed with the this company), but they really do have the best selection of dresses I have seen from an ethically minded company.  Although they are a little out of my price range I will continue to stare, and drool, over their delightful range of beautifulness (hey, it’s a “Dream Summer Wardrobe” right?)

I am a real sucker for a floral pattern and a kimono style top (I’m even wearing one now – seriously) they are just perfect for covering up a little when it’s hot without overheating. They also make a pair of skinnies look a little bit more interesting without having to try to too hard (something I live by!).  This Annie Greenabelle kimono is quite possibly one of the most perfect things I have ever clapped eyes on, and I have a feeling I will be wearing it before the month’s out.  The floral sleeveless shirt is by Komodo, an ethical brand I have just stumbled upon. I really love the colours and patterns in this shirt, if their future ranges continue in this theme they will have a very loyal customer in me!
Finally, the beautiful Breton striped top.  As you may know I get weak at the knees at the sight of a classic Breton, and this contrast yoke top from Seasalt sent me into 60s/French Riviera stupor. The ‘saffron’ coloured yolk screams summer, but with it being a cotton knit it’s perfect for Spring or a slightly cooler summer afternoon. I love this top more than words can say and I hope to find it folded neatly in my chest of drawers in the coming weeks!

After all that I am sufficiently summery and desperate to chase the ice cream man down the street.  How are your summer wardrobes shaping up?   What are your favourite  pieces for the season?

{This post was written whilst listening to Francoise Hardy and eating a very juicy mango}

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in Sweet Coral

Body Shop Binge

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So last week I may have had a little splurge in The Body Shop. We all know how amazing their body butters are, but I have never bought any make up from them, so with my foundation running out, and my best mascara falling in the toilet (don’t ask – there was no alcohol involved AND the lid was down! Told you not to ask.) I decided now was as good a time as ever to see what The Body Shop has to offer.

Aside from being against animal testing, supporting community fair trade, defending human rights AND protecting the planet, The Body Shop have also teamed up with Teenage Cancer Trust’s Royal Albert Hall concert series for the second year running. Last year they help raise £500,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust, and they’re aiming to double that by the end of this year! There are certain products where £1 of each sale goes towards the charity, as well as being able to add an optional 10p to the total of your purchases to donate as well.

The Body Shop Essential Brush Collection

Essential Brush Collection | Photo: Laura Peta

The first thing on my list was a new set of brushes. It’s something I’ve been meaning to get for a while but I’ve never got around to buying any. As part of The Body Shop’s Teenage Cancer Trust partnership they have three different packages of brushes to buy, rather than buying them individually. I opted for ‘The Essential Brush Collection’ which includes a blusher brush, an eye shadow brush and a foundation brush. I bought the pack for £18 (individually these brushes would have come to £33) – some pounds saved and £1 donated to Teenage Cancer Trust, a perfect deal, no? I absolutely love using these brushes, they’re so soft, and the blusher brush is shaped making it ideal for contoring and highlighting.

I have to admit that I am quite new to the whole foundation brush thing, I tend to use my fingers. However, since using this foundation brush there’s no going back! It feels so soft against my skin and gives a really smooth coverage. It’s also tapered slightly making it easier to get a flawless coverage around the eyes and nose. I’m totally addicted to using brushes now and I actually look forward to using it in the morning!! I am Laura Peta and I am a foundation brush convert.

The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara

Super Volume Mascara | Photo: Laura Peta

The next item on my list was a new mascara, having dropped the previous one in the loo! I like a volumising mascara in attempt to make the most of my stumpy little lashes. I opted for the ‘Super Volume Mascara’ and I have to say I am impressed. Although it doesn’t give my lashes the extra volume some other brands do, it does give them some length and oomph without making them look too false; a thumbs up in my book. I haven’t found it to be too clumpy, and it lasts a while, certainly long enough for a day’s work with a little top up for an evening out, and it doesn’t flake as some do. The only thing I do find is that the wand isn’t very tapered and I tend to get black smudges around my eyes when I reach the little lashes in the corners. Aside from this, I love this mascara, it’s a great everyday product.

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in Sweet Coral

Colour Crush Lipstick in Sweet Coral | Photo: Laura Peta

I have become a complete lip stick addict over the last few years, and as I was looking through the make up counter I decided to give a lip stick a go – after all, a girl can never have too many lipsticks. I really want a coral colour for the summer but I’ve been having trouble finding one that I really like. ‘Sweet Coral’ is a little pinker than I would normally go for and although I was uncertain the first time I used it, after a couple of wears I absolutely love it. It’s beautifully soft, and glides on leaving a faint colour, a couple of coats leaves a much more pigmented colour. There is a hint of sparkle to it and a faint rose scent. I can’t wait to wear this lip stick on a hot summer day, it will look perfect with a tan, a pony tail and sun dress.

The Body Shop Lightening Touch

Lightening Touch | Photo: Laura Peta

I have always suffered with dark circles under my eyes and I just can’t get rid of them (any hints and tips would be gratefully received!) so I decided to give The Body Shop ‘Lightening Touch Universal Radiance’ highlighter a go. Although it doesn’t cover them completely (it is too sheer for a concealer) I do feel it lifts them a little. It has a pearly sheen to it and is a great little highlighter for brushing across cheek bones. I don’t wear this product daily but I did wear it when we took the chap’s parents out for dinner last night. We took a few pictures after and the dark circles looked reduced. I would still like to experiment with this a bit further but so far so good with this highlighter.

I apologise for the poor quality of this picture I wasn’t intending to use it for the blog but I thought I would show you the post meal make up!

A sneak peak at how The Body Shop Lightening Touch Universal Radiance looks after a meal out! | Photo: Laura Peta

A sneak peak at how The Body Shop Lightening Touch Universal Radiance looks after a meal out! | Photo: Laura Peta

The Body Shop Almond hand and nail cream

Almond Hand and Nail Cream | Photo: Laura Peta

My hands and nails have been getting really dry recently and I always find myself without a hand cream despite several floating around the apartment. So while I was in The Body Shop buying up everything that took my eye I thought I may as well treat myself to a hand cream. I opted for the Almond Hand and Nail Cream and IT’S AMAZING! I keep it in my bag and use it all the time. You only need the smallest amount otherwise it does leave your hands feeling a little greasy, but when used sparingly it leaves hands so soft and banishes the dry skin. The packaging reminds me of a tube of paint, which I kinda like. This hand cream comes in two sizes, 30ml for £5, or 100ml for £10. While I was there the larger tube was half price, and the lovely assistant switched my smaller tube for the larger one, and I’m glad she did as I use this product all the time!

And so concludes my Body Shop binge, all in all I’m really pleased with my beauty haul. It’s great to find make up with a wide variety of different colours, make up that is long lasting and from a company taking steps to save the world. Thank you Body Shop, you haven’t seen the last of me!

Have you sampled any Body Shop beauty products? What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Collection 2014

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H&M have revealed their third Conscious Exclusive Collection, and boy is it stunning! A romantic collection of bolero jackets, lace dresses, and tiered maxi dresses, brocade embellishments and ruffles and organic leather, H&M are proving that sustainable fashion can be gorgeous.

A long standing advocate of fast fashion, something that usually undermines the concept of sustainability, H&M are striding forward in an attempt to become the first entirely sustainable fast fashion brand. “Our vision is that all our operations should be run in a waythat is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.” And although they still have a long way to go they are certainly making great waves that should be applauded. Aside from having a few basic sustainable items; tops, blouses and underwear etc, all year round they have, over the last few years, also released a whole Conscious Exclusive Collection, proving you don’t have to skimp on the beauty to dress ethically.

Released on April 10th H&M’s third Conscious Exclusive Collection will be available online and in 150 stores worldwide. I for one cannot wait. Here’s a little peak at the lookbook.

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Dress: £129.99; Shoulder piece: £79.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Gown: £99.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Top: £39.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Shoulder piece: £79.99; Top: £34.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Top: £29.99; Trousers: £69.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Dress: £39.99; Shoes: £79.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Top: £34.99; Trousers: £69.99 | Photo : H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Gown: £299.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Jacket: £59.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Dress: £99.99; Bag: £39.99| Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Turban: £12.99; Top: £34.99; Trousers: £29.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Trousers: £29.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Dress: £149.99; Turban: £12.99; Shoes: £79.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Top: £29.99; Trousers: £69.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Shirt: £29.99; Shorts: £29.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Jacket: £199.99; Jumpsuit: £39.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Jacket: £199.99; Jumpsuit: £39.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Shirt: £24.99; Trousers: £69.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Dress: £79.99 | Photo: H&M

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

Tunic: £39.99; Belt: £29.99; Shorts: £34.99 | Photo: H&M

I am in love with the white tiered gown, don’t you think it would make a beautiful wedding dress? Alas, as I have no where to wear this beautiful garment I will have to content myself by staring at it in pictures.  Although I would rather like the gowns and the beautiful white lace dresses, I know how mucky I am, so I have compiled a little selection of the very wearable items that will be making their way into my shopping basket. (I may be a little optimistic in terms of money here, but hey hoe, they will be getting a closer inspection at the very least!!)

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection Spring 2014

My H&M Conscious Exclusive Picks

I adore this collection, and hope H&M can start to create more Conscious Exclusive Collections that are available throughout different times of the year, rather than that yearly Spring Collection.

What do you think of H&M’s latest Conscious Exclusive Collection? Will you be hitting the shops on April 10th?

#100happydays round up

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I realised I have been a little slack at keeping y’all posted on my #100happydays challenge.  I am loving doing this challenge and have noticed a difference in how I relish those little moments of happiness.  Last week I had the flu and even though every part of me ached and there was more liquid coming out of my face than ever before there were still the odd moments of happiness; staying in my pyjamas all day, or a mug of hot honey and fresh lemon, noticing these little moments have made having the flu a little bit more bearable.

Day 38 - Winter Olympic History, Day 39 - Fabric, Day 40 - Macaroons, Day 41 - the chap, Day 42, ALL the cinema food, Day 43 - soap, day 44 - baking cookies, Day 45 - Glossybox, Day 46 - People Tree deliveries, Day 47 - pyjamas, Day 48 - strawberry tarts, day 49 - hot honey and lemon, Day 50, The chap and our home

Day 38 – Winter Olympic History, Day 39 – Fabric, Day 40 – Macaroons, Day 41 – the chap, Day 42, ALL the cinema food, Day 43 – soap, day 44 – baking cookies, Day 45 – Glossybox, Day 46 – People Tree deliveries, Day 47 – pyjamas, Day 48 – strawberry tarts, day 49 – hot honey and lemon, Day 50, The chap and our home

DAY 38: I sat and watched history being made – women competing in the ski jump at the Sochi Winter Olympics.  It’s hard to believe that even in this day and age there are still so many things women aren’t able to achieve.

DAY 39: I LOVE FABRIC SHOPS!  This is a snapshot of my fabric haul: some pink organic cotton, two fat quarters and a whole bunch of Liberty hearts.  My mum has just got a Kindle so I made her a fabric Kindle holder with the patterned fabrics and used two of the hearts as fasteners, and I made myself a smock style top from the cotton. I had a very productive and fun few days.

DAY 40: The chap and I went to Paul’s as a little treat to ourselves, they do the most divine hot chocolate.  I got tempted by the macaroons, and I had almost finished eating it when I remembered I needed to photograph that little mound of heaven. So day 40’s picture is the remaining mouthful and a whole bunch of crumbs!

DAY 41: Goofing around the chap.  I love his little face and how he reminds me not to take life too seriously.

DAY 42: A rather enormous and completely misjudged cinema feast.  Note to self: When the cinema folk ask if you want to ‘go large’ for an extra £1, say NO, always a NO.  The drink was so big I had to use two hands!

DAY 43: My friend and I went for a chat after work, this chat ended with a massive walk home from central London collecting free soap samples on the way.  It smells (and looks) like Turkish Delight. 

DAY 44: Baking.  Who needs four individual cookies when you can have one ENORMOUS cookie.  These bad boys spread much more than I first thought!

DAY 45: Coming home to a Glossybox will always put a smile on my face!

DAY 46: My new People Tree dress. I know I have mentioned this little arrival in a previous post  (this is how far behind I am with this post!) but I was so excited to start my ethical wardrobe with this gorgeous gingham dress, this had to be snapped for day 46.

DAY 47: Pyjamas.  I love absolutely EVERYTHING about pyjamas, but never are they more comfortable than when you’re coming down with the flu.  Perfectly soft, perfectly warm, and perfect for slobbing about in.  psst…little secret, these are my boyfriends pjs – you can tell because they reach my ankles! Curse of having long legs.

DAY 48: Fruit tarts.  I think my obsession with fruit tarts started on the ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff when I was about 5 years old.  The fruit always looks fresh and juicy and the colours are so vibrant and exciting I can’t resist buying them when I see them.

DAY 49: The silver lining of having the flu – hot honey and lemon.

DAY 50: The chap and our little home.  I was feeling rubbish from the flu and having to work all day, but coming home to our little flat with the chap sitting there made me feel a little better. 🙂 A cheesy one but he’s pretty grand.

Can you believe I am half way through this challenge already? It’s gone by so quickly.  How’s everyone else finding it? Are you still sticking with it?

Until next time. ❤

The Liebster Award


Liebster Award - descovering new blogs

A HUGE thank you to Beccamy for nominating me for The Liebster Award! I will be honest, I hadn’t heard of this award before but after doing a spot of research it’s a wonderful little award designed to get us bloggers to know one another a little better.  There is no award as such, unless you count getting to know your fellow bloggers and being made to feel involved in the blogger community, which I do.
So here goes:

The rules:

Post 11 facts about yourself
Post your answers to the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you
Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
Include the Liebster Award image in the post and sidebar

11 Facts About Me

1. I love how books smell. I often sniff books before I buy them, if they smell bad they go back on the shelf!!
2. I was born and raised in Cornwall I have been living in London for almost two years and I miss that little seaside place with all my heart, Cornwall will always be my home.
3.I am never more at home than when sitting with a sea view.
4. I play the piano, clarinet and saxophone. I used to play in a few windbands and the Cornwall Youth Wind Orchestra when I was younger and I miss playing a lot.
5. I love Breton striped tops, if it were possible I would wear them every day!
6. I like to surf, I bought my board on the last day of my GCSE exams and she’s still perfect!!
7. I love sewing and making things and would love to spend every day being crafty.
8. My dream home would have a library with a big window seat where I could sit and read.
9. I am desperate to spend a year travelling around the US with the chap stopping at all the quirky roadside attractions (the hotel in the shape of a dog is top of my list!) and photographing every step of our journey.
10. I am a vegetarian and I have been since I was eight years old.
11. Sometimes I love living in London, sometimes I hate it.

Beccamy’s Questions

1. How did you come to blogging?
I have had a love of writing since I was really young and started off with a blog when I was at school (a really self-centred blog about how hard my life was – it wasn’t), then a little travel blog whilst I was travelling in 2007. Since then I have used a variety of blogging platforms to practice and hone in my writing styles, and that’s where I am today.

2. Do you speak any other languages than your native tongue?
A little French, I studied right through college as part of the IB and even wrote a 4000 word essay about Breton culture in French. I can muddle through a conversation still although I am a little rusty. I can also just about muster up enough Spanish to see me through a holiday!

3. Where do you like to shop for clothes?
Since I have been on an eco mission People Tree has been my shop of choice.

4. How tall are you?
I think I measure in around the 5’8 mark.

5. What is your most cherished beauty product?
My most cherished beauty product would probably be my Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick. It’s just a beautiful, subtle colour and I bought it for a wedding so every time I wear it I am reminded of that day.

6.What is your favourite way to travel?
I love long train journeys.

7. Do you like to read? if so, what are you reading at the moment?
I love reading and can usually be found with my head in a book. I’m currently reading Down and Out In Paris and London by George Orwell.

8. What part of your makeup routine do you enjoy most?
Do you know what, I really enjoy taking it all off with a refreshing face wipe!

9. What part of your skincare routine do you enjoy most?
I really enjoy applying moisturiser to my face, I always feel so refreshed after.

10. Jeans or a Dress?
Always, always, always a dress!! I only own one pair of jeans.

11. Hot Chocolate, Tea or Coffee?
Of these three I would pick hot chocolate, although I’m not really a fan of hot drinks (which gets me playfully picked on by everyone I know!) I am rather partial to the odd hot squash every now and again though!

My questions:

1. What or who inspires you to blog?
2.Who is your favourite author?
3.What three things could you not live without?
4. If you could visit anywhere where would you go?
5. Do you like to read? If so, what are you currently reading?
6. Which five people, dead or alive, would you invite to a dinner party?
7. If you could live in any era which era would it be?
8. If you could be part of any novel which novel would you choose?
9. What is your favourite quote?
10. If you could change the ending to any film or book what would it be and how would you alter it?
11. What’s your favourite joke?

I nominate:

Summer Holly Day
Think Pink
Dimples Diaries
Don’t Be A Run Away
Liztisch Daily Musings
The Geek Chick
Blogged by Anna
The Lilly Mint Blog
Lipstick and L’Attitude
Erin Louise Hunt

Check out my nominees blogs, they are all amazing and unique, I hope you love reading them as much as I do .

#100happydays round up


Hello y’all,

Time for another #100happydays round up. Are any of you also taking part in this challenge? I don’t know about anyone else but I’m finding I am really noticing the small things in daily life that make me smile, and looking back on all these moments helps to lift my spirits if I’m feeling down.


Day 26 – art, Day 27 – Chinese New Year, Day 28 – days out with my favourites, Day 29 – Superbowl, Day 30 – running, Day 31 – the local with the lads, Day 32 – audience tickets for Jonathan Ross, Day 33 – Nail varnish, Day 34 – weird treats

DAY 26: This is a painting that my Great Aunt Margaret gave me before she died.  It’s a mixed media piece (I’m unsure of the artist) depicting several different places around Penwith, the area of Cornwall I’m from.  Now in London this piece takes pride of place in the hall way opposite the front door so that everytime I come home I get a little reminder of Cornwall and what a remarkable women Aunty Margaret was.

DAY 27: The chap surprised me with a homemade Chinese feast in celebration of Chinese New Year, a lovely sentiment and a delicious meal!

DAY 28: This was an amazing day.  My dear friend Gem celebrated her birthday whilst I was back in Cornwall so as soon as I got back I treated her to an afternoon at Blow Ltd in Covent Garden.  If you haven’t been it’s the most amazing place for ‘fast beauty’, I’ve written about it in a previous post, and I could talk about it and sing their praises for ever. We did a little spot of shopping had very delicious lunch out before I was joined by the chap for a night at the theatre.  He’s been wanting to see The Woman In Black for a long time and so I got him tickets for Christmas. Have  you seen it? It is SCARY, beautifully acted and with some amazing  tricks.  I don’t want to say to much in case of spoilers, but if you have the chance I would definitely go and see it, it’s a million times better than the Daniel Radcliffe film version!!

DAY 29: Last year the chap and I camped out in the living room and watched the Superbowl, and this year was no different, apparently my parents also did this when they first got married. SO CUTE!  We each took a different team, (I was Seahawks, YESSS!) and ate Mac and Cheese, tortilla chips, and other American goodies.

DAY 30:  Sweaty post run face.  I have signed up for the BUPA 10K run in London in May, I have never really run before so I am a little nervous.  I’ve been using the NHS Couch to 10K podcasts to get me through, has anyone else used these? They’re amazing, I can really feel a difference in myself and my endurance, I would highly recommend them.  Although I hated running initially I’m growing to love it, and I know completing that 10k charity run in May will be 100% worth it.

DAY 31: My friend has just got back from travelling around North and South America, so we all went to the pub on his return for a catch up, and what turned into a big debating session.  I love those lads.  The picture is actually of the ceiling of the pub, The Hunter S in Dalston, a beautiful chandelier and a copper ceiling. ❤

DAY 32: The boy did GOOD! He’s been applying for audience tickets for a while but until now we were unsuccessful.  Luckily for us this time we were issued with tickets for The Jonathan Ross Show! YESS!! Arguably one of the best shows to be in the audience for.  We had amazing guests as well, Keifer Sutherland, John Legend, Chris O’Dowd, Kevin Bridges, and Emily Mortimer, it was such a hilarious evening, fingers crossed for more tickets.

DAY 33: This is a girly one, but I really do love nail varnish and there’s something really yummy about freshly painted pointers.

DAY 34: Our little corner shop is staffed with the friendliest people and unknown treats.  I like lucky dipping into some of the unknown items on sale, these biscuits are definitely a winner.  They’re so delicious with the biscuity outters and gooey chocolate centres, we definitely did not eat them all in one sitting … ooops!

So that’s it for another week, this has been a really fun and very joyful few days.

A winter wardrobe refresh

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I’m back in Cornwall for a few a weeks and although I used to complain about never being able to find any clothes I liked here, this week has seen a complete 360 and I’m making up for lost time! OOPS.

I have always had terrible trouble finding a pair of jeans that fit. With wide hips and a little waist either I have to suffer some severe thigh crushage, or a hugely gaping waist. Neither of these are particularly attractive so I have just given up wearing trousers. My mother and I trawled around Truro trying on every pair of jeans imaginable, honestly at least 12 pairs of jeans were squidged over my child bearers, and after three days of jeans trying i finally found a pair that fit almost perfectly. “Where?” I hear you ask… M&S, I kid you not. Black skinny jeggings that fit on the hips and are snug around the waist, and I went down a size, always a bonus! ha.

Winter buys

I have needed a new Breton striped top for a while now. My old faithful is just that and is starting to look a little straggly around the edges. This striped waffle top is from New Look, and is quite a loose fit through the body but snug on the arms. It’s a gorgeous fit and the perfect, cost effective way to update my wardrobe.

The dress was actually bought for my mum but she didn’t like the fit. I however, loved it. It’s a loose, comfy fit but with a tie belt to give it a bit of shape. Although I’ve only had it for a few days, I’ve already worn it twice! Once with a pair of ankle boots and oversized knitted cardi for a beach cafe coffee, and the second with a pair of block heeled pumps for dinner with the girls.

I don’t know about you but I find ankle boots quite a tricky find.  All the ones I love are too high on the leg which cut me off in the wrong place and my long legs get replaced by little fat sausages!!! The best trend for me this year is the cut out ankle boots.  They are still high on the ankle but with the cut out sides you still get the shape of the leg, and they make legs appear longer. I found these gorgeous ones in River Island, with an almond toe they even make my size 7s look dainty!

Finally to add a little bit of colour I went for a tinted lip balm (perfect for chapped winter lips) and deep red nail varnish.

A really should stop shopping now, I’ve just had confirmation of parcel having been delivered to my London flat…uh oh! Sorry bank.  But a Winter wardrobe always needs an update, no?