9 Ethical Fashion Brands You Need To Know


It’s been almost 18 months since I set out on my quest to only shop from brands that have strong ethical and sustainable values. Having decided that I was having no more to do with stores that advocate fast fashion, I suddenly became very aware I had no idea where I was supposed to buy clothes from. Here’s a short guide to nine of my favourite brands that are taking huge strides in the world of ethical and sustainable fashion.

1. People Tree
It’s probably not a huge surprise to see People Tree on the list – they’re arguably one of the most well-known bands fighting for ethical practices within fashion today. Counting Emma Watson, Zandra Rhodes and Orla Kiely amongst their collaborators, they have a range of bold patterns, soft, romantic colours and a set of striped pieces to keep every Breton shirt collector happy.

People Tree montage

Photo: People Tree

2. Reformation
You may have guessed that I have a slight love affair with Reformation. Pretty prints, contemporary cuts and fun marketing campaigns, there is absolutely nothing I don’t love about this brand.

reformation montage

Photo: Reformation

3. Chinti and Parker
Prints, colour pops, patches and pockets, Chinti and Parker is a label worth getting exciting about. They have a “simply get dressed and get on with it” approach to their design, a sentiment which features highly in my morning routine! Big believers in the ‘buy better’ philosophy, Chinti and Parker match flawless design and quality, natural materials with fair production practices.

Chinti & Parker montage

Photo: Chinti & Parker

4. Beaumont Organic
Another favourite of mine, Beaumont Organic’s creations feature simple and relaxed tailoring in organic cotton, bamboo, silk, linen and wool. The simplicity of their designs make the pieces versatile to wear, they’re ideal for layering and taking from day to night. In 2014 they started manufacturing many of their pieces in the England, supporting local manufacturers and cutting carbon emissions from transportation.

Beaumont Organic

Photo: Beaumont Organic

5. Monsoon
Shopping for ethical clothing needn’t be limited to online shops, Monsoon, is the perfect high street alternative. A leader in ethical and sustainable fashion and a founding member of the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) they provide safe working conditions and fair wages, and use hand-loomed cotton fabrics, organic vegetable dyes and artisanal techniques. They have also founded the Monsoon Accessorize Trust which supports income-generating, healthcare and educational projects for over 15000 women and children throughout Asia. And, if you take your old and unwanted Monsoon clothes back to the shop they’ll exchange them for £10 off your new purchase. They donate the unwanted clothes to charity with profits going to help disabled children in the UK!


Photo: Monsoon

6. Kowtow
New Zealand brand, Kowtow, pride themselves on their conscientious approach to clothing, ensuring each piece is ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment.  Block colours, geometric prints and contemporary silhouettes, Kowtow create easy to wear pieces that don’t skimp on the fashion stakes.

Kowtow montage

Photo: Kowtow

7. Svilu
A brand after my own heart, the founders of Svilu wanted to create beautiful, environmentally conscious clothes that would remain on trend season after season. Prints, stripes, spots and relaxed silhouettes give a real cool-girl vibe to the sustainable brand.

Svilu montage

Photo: Svilu

8. Amour Vert
Despite being French in name (literally translating as Green Love) Amour Vert manufactures their collections in the US. Using non-toxic dyes and sustainable materials they operate a zero waste design philosophy resulting in beautifully made clothing that rank high in the style stakes.

  1. Amour Vert Fall 15

    Photo: Amour Vert

    9. Eileen Fisher
    Comfy to wear clothing that exudes elegance, Eileen Fisher are commited to creating a responsible supply chain from field to factory, ensuring they have a 100% sustainable business model by 2020.

Eileen Fisher montage There are more and more brands advocating for fairer fashion, and I’m always on the hunt for them. Would you recommend any other brands that are paving the way for sustainability and style?


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