Oaddap – a street wear collection from Elin Andersson


“You sometimes need to stop and really look at what you’re doing, especially in this business where so much is superficial and all about money.” – Elin Andersson on being a fashion designer.

Three Outfits from Oaddap Somenid Elin Anderson

Elin Andersson, fashion designer, graphic designer and all round good Swede, needs our help to launch her latest collection. Elin already has strong roots in fashion, and aside from working for top fashion house, Moschino, she is already creating small collections under the brand of Somenid. (A Swedish amalgamation of the words Som en idé – as an idea, for those of us who don’t speak Swedish!) In the past Somenid has worked with the likes of Dem Collective and Vägen Ut to produce a beautiful range of street wear including King and Queen of Hearts printed t-shirts. These shirts are made from 100% organic cotton, and are not only made under fair conditions in Sri Lanka, but 50 SEK from every shirt sold is given to Civil Rights Defender, an independent organisation based in Stockholm that aims to defends people’s civil and political rights and to support and empower human rights defenders who may be at risk. Ethical principles are key to the work Elin Andersson immerses herself in. King and Queen of Hearts Tees from Somenid Taking a bigger step forward Elin is in the start up stages of creating her new line, Oaddap. A line that she hopes can be entirely sustainable and ethically produced. As a talented graphic designer, Elin’s work is very print heavy, with each piece feeling like a work of art rather than a standard printed garment. lineup The whole collection will feature seven key looks accompanied with accessories, and she also intends to have some unisex pieces and children’s t-shirts that fit with the main collection. Picture those little faces on teeny, tiny t-shirts – it’s enough to make my little heart melt! The collection feels contemporary, real and wearable, and I absolutely love the monochrome speckled with flashes red. This is street wear that can be worn boldly and proudly, whilst maintaining a sophisticated edge. I have a real soft spot for the dress in the middle. Although Elin still has a little way to go, the brand she has created is strong and unique and the collection is a true fusion of art, fashion and the environment. If you want to find out more about Elin and her campaign check out Elin’s Funded By Me page here.

Somenid is a really fun and inspiring brand, and I really hope to see more of them, and Elin Andersson in the future. Good luck, Elin.


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