My Top Sustainable Sale Picks


Something that often comes up when discussing ethical fashion is the price point. Yes, often ethical fashion will cost a little more than your average highstreet store – but those extra pounds mean a huge difference to the people who are making the garments. However, being savvy about your shopping habits means you can shop ethically without breaking the bank.

Charity shops and second hand stores
These places can be a treasure trove for goodies. Don’t get me wrong there is always a fair bit of rubbish in them and you often have to have a little rummage, but if you’re prepare to get elbow deep in Aunt Mable’s skirts there’s always a well deserved reward at the end of it. You can often find items that still have their labels on! I have a beautiful tea dress that I bought from a second hand store for £10, it doesn’t look like it’s ever been worn and I get compliments everytime I wear it (I’ll try and pluck up the courage to start doing some outfit posts soon and you can see how pretty it is!)

Vintage shops are also a great source for ethical fashion, and you can often find more quirky gems here. Depending on where you are vintage shops can often be quite expensive, but again if you’re prepared to look you’re sure to find something unique. Even if you don’t find something in your price range it’s always nice to admire some of the beautiful fashion from the past.

Sale shopping
Keep an eye out for sales or promotions – By buying a few key pieces here and there you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll build a few key sustainable outfits. Twice this week I’ve had a realisation that I’ve been wearing an almost entirely ethical outfit!

Here’s my top sale picks to get you started…

Lupinius-Beaumont Organic

Beaumont Organic’s Lupinus top – was £108.00 now £45.00


Beaumont Organic’s Alecian jacket – was £295.00 no £130.00

People Tree - christy-checked-flared-dress-in-navy-

People Tree’s Christy Checked Flared Dress – was £78.00 now £54.60


Seasalt’s Rooftop Dress – Was £55.00 now £38.00

People Tree double-hoop-earrings-

People Tree’s Double Hoop Earrings – Were £8.00, now £5.00

asos green

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Skirt – Was £35.00, now £17.00


Dogeared Heart Ring from ASOS – Was £30.00, now £18.00

Monkee genes VEGAN

Monkee Genes – Were £60.00, now £30.00


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