Forced To Work Exhausting Hours

'Forced to Work Exhausting Hours' | Photo: South Wales Evening Post

‘Forced to Work Exhausting Hours’ | Photo: South Wales Evening Post

Primark has been embroiled in yet another ethics storm – but why are people still surprised?

Yes, we all love a bargain, but when a dress can cost as little as £10 at full price is it really worth it?

In 2008 Primark were accused of using children to sew sequins onto their clothes, the Rana Plaza disaster last year bought to light the terrible working and safety conditions of Primark suppliers and now a young woman from Swansea has found a hand stitched label with the words “forced to work exhausting hours” sewn into her Primark dress. (You can read the full story here.)

For me the most shocking part of this story was that the girl admitted to not really thinking about how clothes are made, even after all the negative press several clothing retailers have been the subject of in the last few years. What it has bought to light, is the clear need to show people the true cost of fast fashion.

We don’t yet know whether this was stitched in by the factory workers, or whether it was a savvy shopper with the aim to shame – whoever it was let’s hope this latest scandal results in more awareness for garment workers.


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