Kellan Lutz in a sustainable tuxedo|Photo: Kyle Rover/Startraks

Olga Kurylenko and Kellan Lutz rock sustainable glam on the 2014 Oscars Red Carpet


We all love the Academy Awards, the hype behind Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting Roles etc, the glitz and the glamour of the ceremony, and Ellen DeGeneres dressing up as Glenda the Good Witch, but my highlight was, no not Jennifer Lawrence tripping over on the red carpet (although that is up there, along with the pizza delivery, there’s something really grand about seeing Brad Pit tucking into a piece of pizza.)  No, my absolutely highlight was seeing Olga Kurylenko and Kellan Lutz stolling down the red carpet in gorgeous sustainable attire.

French actress and model, Olga Kurylenko, best known for playing Bond girl Camille Montes, and Twilight star Kellan Lutz graced the 2014 Oscar’s red carpet in Red Carpet Green Dress’ winning designs.

In 2009 Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of writer and director James Cameron, founded Red Carpet Green Dress, as a reaction to her accompanying her husband on the award ceremony rounds for environmentally aware film, Avatar.  An internationally recognised design competition that challenges designers to create an entirely sustainable gown, with the winning design being worn on the red carpet at the Academy Awards.

Suzy Cameron and her sister founded MUSE School CA in 2006 with the aim of “empowering children to realize their full potential through academic excellence, personal responsibility, compassionate relations, global consciousness and environmental awareness”. The funds raised from the Red Carpet Green Dress go towards scholarships to MUSE School CA and Global MUSE (a network of sister schools modelled on the same principles.)

There is a strict design criteria for the Red Carpet Green Dress contest including using fabric from a sustainable source, organic cotton, bamboo or soy for example, harvested with as little impact on the environment as possible.  The chemical composition of the materials that go in to making the products must be considered, as well as paying strict attention to the amount of water used, and ensuring fair labour practises are in place throughout the manufacturing process.

This year’s winner was Alice Elia, a student of ESMOD in Paris.  Olga Kurylenko declared it “a privilege … to wear Alice’s gorgeous design on the red carpet” adding “it’s a great honor to have been asked.”  Her gorgeous dress is made from 100% silk and coloured with flowers, sounds pretty Romantic, no?

Bond girl, Olga Kurylenko shows sustainable fashion can be glamourous | Photo :

To mark the 5th anniversary of Red Carpet Green Dress a menswear category was added to the competition.  The winning Tuxedo was designed by Jomnarn Dul from H Brothers (one of New Zealand’s most iconic menswear brands).  This isn’t the first time she has worked in the realm of eco fashion, with H Brothers collaborating with EKOCYCLE, a partnership between Will.I.Am and The Coca-Cola Company.  Kellan Lutz was the actor chosen to sport this amazing tux.  The trousers are 100% hemp, with the jacket being made with a mix of silk and recycled plastic bottles.

Kellan Lutz in a sustainable tuxedo|Photo: Kyle Rover/Startraks

Kellan Lutz in a sustainable tuxedo|Photo: Kyle Rover/Startraks

In all their red carpet interviews I found, they have both been asked about their sustainable choices.  It’s a really great way of getting the notion of sustainable fashion out there, but most of all showing that just because something is sustainable, or made from recycled items doesn’t make it any less glamorous
Red Carpet Green Dress is an amazing competition, I can’t wait to see next years designs.  What do you think of their outfits?


3 thoughts on “Olga Kurylenko and Kellan Lutz rock sustainable glam on the 2014 Oscars Red Carpet

  1. I love both! That dress is a beaut. It’s so much less harsh and stiff looking than a lot of red carpet dresses. I am always wondering how the actresses manage to sit down/breathe in some of the red carpet designs, although Lupita Nyong’o’s dress was perfection…

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