People Tree: Black Gingham Ruffle Dress | Photo: Laura Peta

The Search For An Ethical Summer Wardrobe Begins


I have started my quest for an ethical wardrobe, and after a little research I went a little shopping crazy. I possibly spent a little too much in one go, but I was pretty restrained considering the amount of loveliness I came across!!

I started my search at People Tree, pioneers in Fair Trade fashion. They have a beautiful array of clothes, and their dresses are just perfect. First in the basket was this delicious Black Gingham Ruffle Dress. It fits snugly through the bodice and flares gently through the skirt. There’s red stitching on the straps which adds a beautiful bit of detail and colour, I can’t help but feel a little like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, all I need is a little dog and wicker basket! I absolutely love everything about this dress, there’s even the added bonus of pockets, POCKETS!! If you know me at all you’ll know I love a dress with pockets.

 People Tree: Black Gingham Ruffle Dress | Photo: Laura Peta

People Tree: Black Gingham Ruffle Dress | Photo: Laura Peta

I also had a little look at what accessories People Tree had to offer and this beautiful charm cord bracelet caught my eye. This little hand made bracelet is produced in Bombolulu workshops in Kenya. The sale of this product goes towards People Tree’s Wheelchair Campaign and for every 100 pieces of Bombolulu Jewellery People Tree sell they donate a wheelchair to a disabled child in Kenya. Amazing, no? It’s nice to see the artisans making products that in time come back to help their own communities. Plus, the bracelet is absolutely gorgeous, always a bonus!!

People Tree Silver Heart Charm Cord Bracelet

People Tree: Silver Heart Charm Cord Bracelet | Photo : Laura Peta

I also found {Think} Boutique, a Glaswegian boutique launched in 2010. They strive to ensure all their products are from Fair Trade, organic, sustainable, up-cycled or locally produced sources, with many of their products being made here in the UK. My new saddle bag is made using environmentally friendly leather and dyes.  It’s quite a bright tan, sort of a rust colour, but it’s going to look amazing in the summer (it goes really well with my new dress – one summer outfit ready to go!). It also came wrapped up in tissue paper with a bow around it, all in a pretty cardboard box.  There was even a hand written note addressed to me personally thanking me for the purchase and advising that the product is “perfect to fit all the essentials!”.  It’s a simple but really effective way of making me, and each of their customers, feel truly appreciated.  Thank you, {Think} Boutique.

{Think} Boutique: My Green Bag | Photo: Laura Peta

{Think} Boutique: My Green Bag | Photo: Laura Peta

So there we have it, my first haul of ethical goodies, I just need Summer to hurry itself along so I can flounce around in my new gingham dress! Have you bought any sustainable items of clothing recently? I am intrigued to hear where you shop.


8 thoughts on “The Search For An Ethical Summer Wardrobe Begins

  1. This is such a great blog post! I can’t wait to see how your summer wardrobe progresses. Lovely choices!

    I shop almost exclusively fair trade/ethical fashion, mainly because when you start, you can’t stop! It’s just so hard to go back to buying highstreet stuff when there’s so much great choice of fashion in the ethical clothing industry that feels good to wear in a holistic sense. I think now 80% of my clothes are People Tree but I also find great stuff at Komodo and through some of the Fashion Conscience brands. I am such a massive fan of People Tree though – die hard. This weekend I went to a wedding in an almost completely ethical outfit – People Tree dress, vintage brooch, Komodo jacket and Pachacuti hat. Still working on the shoes though. Fashion Conscience has some good choices but I’m still struggling a bit on footwear. Have you found anything? I’ve started to attempt vegan footwear too, which is feeling a bit restrictive.

    1. Thanks, Morvah! 🙂

      Thanks for bringing Komodo to my attention, I’m going to have a little look through the site now. I have a feeling I’m going to be a die hard People Tree fan too, I love that on the labels of each product it tells you a little about where the garment came from and how the profits help others, it’s nice to know the details behind each piece.

      I have found shoes really tricky as well. TOMS have some nice sandals for this summer. I’m going to stock up on a few different colours. Bourgeois Boheme are relaunching and looks as though everything will be going live in April. Although there are no photos of the footwear if the illustrations on the site are anything to go buy this looks quite promising, so fingers crossed for those. But aside from Fashion Conscience I haven’t really found anything that’s not a little fuddy duddy! I’ll keep hunting though and let you know.

    1. Ahh, thank you! I hadn’t heard of the Liebster Award before, but it’s such a lovely idea to get to know one another. Thank you for nominating me, I am working on those questions now. 🙂

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