Green Carpet Challenge

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I am big fan of eco fashion and a firm believer that we should all be doing a lot more, me included, to make our fashions go further: repair, reuse, and eventually recycle. The Green Carpet Challenge is something that really reallly interests me and long for red carpet events to see which designers have collaborated with the GCC to tackle the project and what they can design.

Livia Firth owns an eco conscious shop in London and in 2010, when husband Colin Firth was doing the red carpet rounds for A Single Man, she made a conscious desicion to wear only ecofriendly gowns to accompany him to the award ceremonies. These outfits had to encompass labour rights, up-cycling, there had to be low waste, have a low carbon impact, and had to be made from low impact, sustainable fibres, alternative fibres and organic fibres. When people talk of eco-friendly clothing the idea of fleece made from recycled bottles always springs to mind, but this is not suitable for a red carpet event. With a red carpet comes great sartorial responsibility, and thrifted dress with a couple of resewn patches just isn’t going to cut it. Livia teamed up with journalist, Lucy Siegle and ethical stylist Jocelyn Whipple to help find the most sustainable, red-carpet-suitable, gowns available.

I am so glad that this Green Carpet Challenge didn’t fizzle out after the 2010 awards ceremonies, but has actually grown into something amazing. More and more people are taking up the challenge, with Cameron Diaz taking part for the Met Ball. I have compiled a selection of some of my favourite GCC looks (thanks to prove that fashion can be ethical and beautiful…

Cameron Diaz at the 2012 Met Ball

My personal favourite, Livia Firth in custom Valention GCC dress for the Oscars

Meryl Streep took up the Green Carpet Challenge for the Oscars

and proving it’s not just frocks that can be ethical, a classic tux can be too.


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