Catch up…


I fear I have neglected my dear blogatron a little too much recently, although not a hundred percent due to idleness I have started to slip back into my old ways, but no more! My photography course is rapidly coming to an end (my last two hours of exam are on Friday morning!) my new flat is waiting for my arrival on Saturday, and a new (thrifty) London life is soon to begin.

As I have been so incredibly slack at keeping up with my posts on here, I have decided to do a quick round up of the last few months in pictures…

A sneak peak at my Personal Investigation ready for marking

Having spent a week in London, succesfully house hunting, amongst the buildings/roads/occaisional park, I have made an effort to get out and enjoy some of the best Cornish scenery.  As much as I love London and am beyond excited to finally be an official resident, I will miss my lovely Cornwall soo much.  Here are a few Instagram snaps that sum up what a wonderful place Kernow is …

Porth Nanven, aka Dinosaur Egg Beach

Porth Nanven, aka Dinosaur Egg Beach

Trencrom Hill

View from Trencrom across to my hometown


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